Curriculum Vitae

Born in Winterthur on March 18, 1943.
Schools in Basel, graduation 1962 with Matura type C (mathematics and sciences).

Studies of chemistry at the University of Basel from 1962-1970.
Diploma in Chemistry 1966.
Dr. phil. in 1970 with Ch. Tamm.
Research assistent with Ch. Tamm 1970-1973.
From 1973 to 1974 post-doctoral fellow with A. I. Scott at Yale University, New Haven.
        Recipient of a Reichstein Scholarship.
Research assistent with Ch. Tamm 1974-1976.
Habilitation at the University of Basel in 1976.
Tenure 1980.
Promotion to "ausserordentlicher Professor" in 1990.
Professor ("Inhaber einer Professur; hauptamtlicher Extraordinarius")
        according to the new Statute of the University of Basel, 1997.
Professor emeritus since April 2006.

Member of the Swiss Chemical Society.
Member of the Naturforschende Gesellschaft in Basel
        (1984-1987: committee member; 1985/86: president).
Member of the Teaching Committee of the Department of Chemistry of the University of Basel.

Served as president of the Basler Chemische Gesellschaft 1996-1997.
Served on the Kuratorium für das Schweizerische Tropeninstitut: 1972-1988
        (1981-1988 as member of the Geschäftsausschuss).

Hobbies: Classical Music and Aviation

updated 1.4.2006