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    We are looking for a PostDoc to work on Postdoctoral Position in Development of Cancer-targeted Nanoparticles Activating Immune System .

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    Post-doc Candidates should have a Ph. D. in chemistry or similar and need a strong background in some of the following areas: physical chemistry or polymer chemistry, spectroscopy, biochemistry.  Proficiency in English, and preferably knowledge in German are necessary.  The candidate is expected to work together with and help advise students.

    Ph. D. Candidates need to hold a masters (or equivalent) degree, preferably in chemistry or similar.  Some prior experience in (experimental) physical chemistry would be helpful.   Proficiency in English, and preferably knowledge in German are necessary.  Graduate students are expected to work together with postdoctoral fellows as well as graduate and undergraduate students.

    Both graduate students and post-doctoral fellows in our Department are required to assume teaching assistant responsibilities during the semester and should have great social and communication skills for integration into an international research team.

    The Department of Chemistry in Basel offers a highly stimulating environment with active and internationally recognized research groups.
    The University of Basel is an Equal Opportunity Employer
    To apply, please email a curriculum vitae, publications as well as names and contact info of referees to Cornelia. A description of interests and skills would be helpful.

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    Postdoctoral Position in Development of Cancer-targeted Nanoparticles Activating Immune System

    The project

    The overall aim of this project is the development of cancer-targeted nanoparticles activating immune system by thorough characterization of their physicochemical properties and cell interactions in order to better understand their mode of action and facilitate clinical application of the unique drug platform. A particularly important part of the project will intend to evaluate various molecular properties, such as architecture, size distribution, polydistersity (PDI), surface charge in different formulation conditions and environment (e.g. buffer, pH, concentration) both of the carriers and when they are loaded with the payload. In addition, encapsulation efficiency of the payload and the interaction with cells represent key elements for the overall efficiency of the cancer- targeted nanoparticles activating immune system.

    This is an interdisciplinary project with industry partners from which you will gain valuable experience in the domain of nanoscience, physical chemistry, and novel drug delivery approaches. Your role will be to insert the payload and characterize the cancer-targeted nanoparticles activating immune system in various conditions to optimize their efficiency, control their cell interaction and understand their mode of action to support clinical application. More information on the topics of the groups in which you will be working can be found at

    Your profile

    1. you will ideally have a PhD in chemistry, biochemistry or biophysics
    2. experience in physical-chemistry methods to characterize colloidal nanosystems is a must
    3. knowledge of molecular biology techniques (e.g. PCR, DNA purification)
    4. experience in nanoscience-based drug delivery systems is desirable
    5. high records of publications in internationally refereed scientific journals
    6. proficiency in English; German is an advantage


    For further informations, please contact Prof. Dr. Cornelia Palivan ( , phone: +41 61 2073839)

    Interested candidates will send, by 31.12.2018:

    • letter of motivation
    • curriculum vitae
    • names and contact details for two referees