Welcome to the Biointerfaces Group of Cornelia G. Palivan


Nature Comm., 2018, 9: 1127

We study soft bio-hybrid materials resulting from the combination of biomolecules with synthetic assemblies at the nano- and micro-scale. The goal of our research is to probe and understand the relation between the components of bio-hybrid materials as well as the biointerface of such materials with cells or simple animal models. The main questions that guide our research are: How can biomolecules preserve their function in a synthetic environment? How to modify biomolecules to induce new functionality and how is this affected when a bio-hybrid material is designed? How to self-organize bio-hybrid assemblies in more complex architectures to provide multifunctionality? Which are the interactions of bio-hybrid materials with cells? How to produce a new bio-hybrid material with desired functionality for specific applications? Our interest extends from fundamental understanding at the molecular level of such bio-hybrid materials and associated biointerfaces to technological and medical applications.

Latest Publications
  • Live follow-up of enzymatic reactions inside the cavities of synthetic giant unilamellar vesicles equipped with membrane proteins mimicking cell architecture [link]
    M. Garni, T. Einfalt, R. Goers, C. G. Palivan, W. Meier
    ACS Synth. Biol., 2018, DOI: 10.1021/acssynbio.8b00104.

  • Mixed-valent molecular triple- deckers [link]
    H. C. Schmidt, X. Guo, P. Richard, M. Neuburger, C. G. Palivan, O. S. Wenger
    Angew. Chem., 2018, 57, 1-5.

  • Delivery of ROS Generating Anthraquinones Using Reduction-responsive Peptide-based Nanoparticles [link]
    P. U. Richard, I, Craciun, J. Gaitzsch, L. Weiner. C.G. Palivan
    Helvetica Chimica Acta., 2018, 101. / DOI:10.1002/hlca.201800064..

  • Biomimetic Planar Polymer Membranes Decorated with Enzymes as Functional Surfaces [link]
    C. Draghici, V. Mikhalevich, G. Gunkel-Grabole, J. Kowal, W. Meier, C. G. Palivan
    Langmuir., 2018, 34, 9015-9024.

  • Surfaces decorated with polymeric nanocompartments for pH reporting [link]
    I. Craciun, A. S. Denes, G. Gunkel-Grabole, A. Belluati, C. G. Palivan
    Helvetica Chimica Acta., 2018, 108, e1700290.

Group's NEWS
  • Martina's article is published in ACS Synth. Biol. (Sept 2018)
  • New PostDoc Viviana Maffeis joins our group within NCCR. Welcome! (Sept 2018)
  • New PostDoc Dalin Wu joins our group in a project in collaboration with the group of Prof. Catherine Housecroft. Welcome! (Sept 2018)
  • Juan is leaving the group to join Oxford University with a Marie Curie fellowship (July 2018)
  • Gesine is leaving the group to join BASF as group leader (July 2018)
  • Viktoria’s and Camelia’s article is published in Langmuir (July 2018)
  • New Senior Scientist Dr. Linling Shen joined our group (June 2018)
  • Pascal passed his PhD defence (May 2018)
  • Tomaz's Article in Nature Comm has been highlighted by Nature Nanotechnology (May 2018)