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  1. Synthesis of Linear ABC Triblock Copolymers and Their Self-Assembly in Solution
    E. V. Konishcheva, D. Daubian, J. Gaitzsch, W. Meier: Helv. Chim. Acta (2018)
  2. Revisiting Monomer Synthesis and Radical Ring Opening Polymerization of Dimethylated MDO Towards Biodegradable Nanoparticles for Enzymes
    J. Gaitzsch, P. C. Welsch, J. Folini, C. A. Schoenenberger, J. C. Anderson,  W. Meier: Eur. Polym. J (2018)
  3. Challenges in Malaria Management and a Glimpse at Some Nanotechnological Approaches
    A. Najer, C.G. Palivan, H.-P. Beck,  W. Meier: Infectious Diseases and Nanomedicine III (2018)
  4. Optimized Reconstitution of Membrane Proteins into Synthetic Membranes
    R. Goers, J. Thoma, N. Ritzmann, A. Di Silverstro, C. Alter, G. Gunkel-Grabole. D. Fotiadis, D. J. Müller,  W. Meier: Comm. Chem (2018)
  5. Biomimetic Planar Polymer Membranes Decorated with Enzymes as Functional Surfaces
    V. Mikhalevich, C. Draghici, G. Gunkel-Grabole, J. Jowal  W. Meier, C.G. Palivan: Langmuir (2018)
  6. Live Follow-Up of Enzymatic Reactions Inside the Cavities of Synthetic Giant Unilamellar Vesicles Equipped with Membrane Proteins Mimicking Cell Architecture
    M. Garni, T. Einfalt, R. Goers, C.G.Palivan,  W. Meier: ACS Synth. Biol. (2018)
  7. Nanosensors based on polymer vesicles and planar membranes: a short review
    M.E. El Idrissi, C.E. Meyer, L. Zartner, W. Meier: J. Nanobiotechnol. (2018)

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  1. Nanostructured Surfaces through Immobilization of Self-Assembled Polymer Architectures Using Thiol-Ene Chemistry
    G. Gunkel-Grabole, C. G. Palivan, W. Meier: Macromol. Mater. Eng. (2017)
  2. PEO-b-PCL-b-PMOXA Triblock Copolymers: From Synthesis to Microscale Polymersomes with Asymmetric Membrane
    E. V. Konishcheva, U. E. Zhumaev, W. Meier: Macromol. (2017)
  3. Strain-Promoted Thiol-Mediated Cellular Uptake of Giant Substrates: Liposomes and Polymersomes
    N. Chuard, G. Gasparini, D. Moreau, S. Lörcher, C. Palivan, W. Meier, N. Sakai, S. Matile: Angew. Chem. Int. Ed. (2017)
  4. Investigation of Horseradish Peroxidase Kinetics in an "Organelle-Like" Environment
    P. Baumann, M. Spulber, O. Fischer, A. Car, W. Meier: Small (2017)
  5. Expanding the potential of MRI contrast agents through multifunctional polymeric nanocarriers
    I. Craciun, G. Gunkel-Grabole, A. Belluati,  C. Palivan, W. Meier: Nanomedicine (Lond.) (2017)
  6. Amphiphilic peptide self-assembly: Expansion to hybrid materials
    V. Mikhalevich, I. Craciun, M. Kyropoulou, C. Palivan, W. Meier: Biomacromolecules (2017)
  7. Biomimetic Strategy to Reversibly Trigger Functionality of Catalytic Nanocompartments by the Insertion of pH-Responsive Biovalves
    C, Edlinger, T. Einfalt, M. Spulber, A. Anja, W. Meier, C. Palivan: Nano. Lett.  (2017)
  8. Complex Self-Assembly Behavior of Bis-hydrophilic PEO-b-PCL-b-PMOXA Triblock Copolymers in Aqueous Solution
    E. V. Konishcheva, U. E. Zhumaev, M. Kratt, W. Meier: Macromol. (2017)
  9. Vesicles in Multiple Shapes: Fine-Tuning Polymersomes' Shape and Stability by Setting Membrane Hydrophobicity
    J. Gaitzsch, L. Messager, E. Morecroft, W. Meier: Polymers (2017)
  10. Porphyrin-polymer nanocompartments: singlet oxygen generation and antimicrobial activity
    M. Kyropoulou, A. Lanzilotto, E.C. Constable, C.E. Housecroft , W.P. Meier, C.G. Palivan: JBIC (2017)
  11. Antioxidant Functionalized Polymer Capsules to Prevent Oxidative Stress
    A.Larrañaga, I.L.M. Isa, V. Patil, S. Thamboo, M. Lomora, M.A. Fernández-Yague, J-Sarasua, C.G. Palivan, A. Pandit: Acta Biomaterialia (2017)

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  1. Bioinspired polymer vesicles and membranes for biological and medical applications
    C. G. Palivan, R. Goers, A. Najer, X. Zhang, A. Car, W. Meier: Chem. Soc. Rev. (2016)

  2. PEG Brushes on Porous, PDMS-Coated Surfaces and Their Interaction with Carbon Dioxide
    G. Gunkel-Grabole, A. Car, V. V. Naik, L. Marot, G. Ferk, C. G. Palivan and W. Meier Macromol. Chem. Phys. (2016)

  3. Stimuli-Responsive Codelivery of Oligonucleotides and Drugs by Self-Assembled Peptide Nanoparticles
    S.J. Sigg, V. Postupalenko, J. T. Duskey, C. G. Palivan and W. Meier: Biomacromolecules 17 3 (2016)

  4. Engineered non-toxic cationic nanocarriers with photo-triggered slow-release properties
    A. I. Dinu, J. T. Duskey, A. Car, C. G. Palivan and W. Meier: Polymer Chemistry (2016)

  5. Active surfaces engineered by immobilizing protein-polymer nanoreactors for selectively detecting sugar alcohols
    X. Zhang, M. Lomora, T. Einfalt, W. Meier, N. Klein, D. Schneider and C. G. Palivan: Biomaterials 89 79-88 (2016)

  6. Giant Host Red Blood Cell Membrane Mimicking Polymersomes Bind Parasite Proteins and Malaria Parasites
    A. Najer, S. Thamboo, HP. Beck, C. G. Palivan and W. Meier: CHIMIA 70 4 288-291 (2016)

  7. Engineering and Assembly of Protein Modules into Functional Molecular Systems
    S. Hirschi, M. Stauffer, D. Harder, D. J. Müller, W. Meier,  D. Fotiadis : CHIMIA 6 398 (2016)

  8. Interfacing Functional Systems
    Y. Cotelle, N. Chuard, S. Lascano, V. Lebrun, R. Wehlauch, N. Bohni, S. Lörcher, V. Postupalenko, S. Reddy, W. Meier, C. G. Palivan, K. Gademann, T. R. Ward, S. Matile: CHIMIA 6 418 (2016) 

  9. Active surfaces’ as Possible Functional Systems in Detection and Chemical (Bio) Reactivity
    C. E. Housecroft, C. G. Palivan, K. Gademann, W. Meier, M. Calame, V. Mikhalevich, X. Zhang, E. Piel, M. Szponarski, A. Wiesler, A. Lanzilotto, E. C. Constable, A. Fanget, R. Stoop: CHIMIA 6 402 (2016)

  10. Artificial Organelles: Reactions inside Protein–Polymer Supramolecular Assemblies
    M. Garni, T. Einfalt, M. Lomora, A. Car, W. Meier, C. G. Palivan: CHIMIA 6 424 (2016)

  11. Nanoparticle-based highly sensitive MRI contrast agents with enhanced relaxivity in reductive milieu
    S. J. Sigg, F. Santini, A. Najer, P. U. Richard , W. Meier, C. G. Palivan: ChemComm (2016)

  12. Engineering a Chemical Switch into the Light-driven Proton Pump Proteorhodopsin by Cysteine Mutagenesis and Thiol Modification
    D. Harder, S. Hirschi, Z. Ucurum, R. Goers, W. Meier, D. J. Müller, D. Fotiadis: Angew. Chem. Int. Ed.  55, 8846 (2016)

  13. An amphiphilic graft copolymer-based nanoparticle platform for reduction-responsive anticancer and antimalarial drug delivery A. Najer, D. Wu, M. G. Nussbaumer, G. Schwertz, A. Schwab, M. C. Witschel, A. Schäfer, F. Diederich, M. Rottmann, C. G. Palivan, H. Beck, W. Meier: Nanoscale, DOI: 10.1039/C6NR04290B (2016)
  14. Key aspects to yield low dispersity of PEO-b-PCL diblock copolymers and their mesoscale self-assembly E.Konishcheva, D.Haeussinger. S. Loercher, W. Meier: European Polymer Journal, 83, (2016)
  15. Asymmetric triblock copolymer nanocarriers for controlled localization and pH-sensitive release of proteins D. Vasquez, T. Einfalt, W. Meier, C. G. Palivan: Langmuir (2016)
  16. DNA-Mediated Self-Organization of Polymeric Nanocompartments Leads to Interconnected Artificial Organelles J. Liu, V. Postupalenko, S. Lörcher, D. Wu, M. Chami,W. Meier, C. G. Palivan: Nano. Lett., DOI: 10.1021/acs.nanolett.6b03430 (2016)
  17. Bio-inspired Polymer Membranes
    V. Mikhalevich, C. Zelmer, A. Car, C. G. Palivan, W. Meier: The Royal Society of Chemistry (2016)
  18. Co-solvent fractionation of PMOXA-b-PDMS-b-PMXOA S. Lörcher, W. Meier: Eur. Polym. J. (2016)

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  1. Low CO2 permeability of cholesterol-containing liposomes detected by stopped-flow fluorescence spectroscopy
    G. Tsiavaliaris, F. Itel, K. Hedfalk, S. Al Samir, W. Meier, G. Gros, V. Endeward: FASEB Journal fj. 14-263988 (2015)

  2. Hybrid polymer-lipid films as platforms for directed membrane protein insertion
    J. Kowal, D. Wu, V. Mikhalevich, C. G. Palivan and W. Meier: Langmuir, 31 (17), 4868–4877 (2015)

  3. Dynamics of Membrane Proteins within Synthetic Polymer Membranes with Large Hydrophobic Mismatch
    Fabian Itel, Adrian Najer, Cornelia G. Palivan, and Wolfgang Meier: Nano Lett., 15, 6, 3871–3878 (2015)

  4. Wie sich natürliche Kanalproteine in künstlichen Membranen bewegen
    (article based on Dynamics of Membrane Proteins within Synthetic Polymer Membranes with Large Hydrophobic Mismatch) 03.06.2015 03.06.2015 05.06.2015 05.06.2015

  5. Researchers Successfully Measure Movement of Natural Channel Proteins in Artificial Membranes
    (article based on Dynamics of Membrane Proteins within Synthetic Polymer Membranes with Large Hydrophobic Mismatch) 04.06.2015

  6. How natural channel proteins move in artificial membranes
    (article based on Dynamics of Membrane Proteins within Synthetic Polymer Membranes with Large Hydrophobic Mismatch) 04.06.215 05.06.2015

  7. Dynamics of Membrane Proteins within Synthetic Polymer Membranes with Large Hydrophobic Mismatch
    F. Itel, A. Najer, C. G. Palivan, W. Meier: Nano Lett. 15, 6, 3871–3878

  8. Biocompatible Polymer-Peptide Hybrid-Based DNA Nanoparticles for Gene Delivery
    D. Witzigmann, D. Wu, S. Schenk, V. Balasubramanian, W. Meier, J. Huwyler: ACS Appl. Mater. Interfaces, 7, 19, 10446–10456 (2015)

  9. Reduction-Sensitive Amphiphilic Triblock Copolymers Self-Assemble Into Stimuli-Responsive Micelles for Drug Delivery (a)
    S. Tughrai, V. Malinova, R. Masciadri, S. Menon, P. Tanner, c. G. Palivan, N. Bruns, W. Meier: Macromolecular Bioscience Volume 15, Issue 4, 481–489 (April 2015)

  10. Analysis of MolecularParameters Determining the Antimalarial Activity of Polymer-Based Nanomimics
    A. Najer, S. Thamboo, J. T. Duskey, C. G. Palivan, H.-P. Beck and W. Meier: Macromol. Rapid Commun. 36, 1923−1928 (2015)

  11. PH-Triggered Reversible Multiple Protein-Polymer Conjugation Based on Molecular Recognition
    Liu J, V. Postupalenko, J. T. Duskey, C. G. Palivan and W. Meier: The Journal of Physical Chemistry 119 36 (2015)

  12. Active surfaces engineered by immobilizing protein-polymer nanoreactors for selectively detecting sugar alcohols
    X. Zhang, M. Lomora, T. Einfalt, W. Meier, N. Klein and C. G. Palivan Biomaterials 89 79-88 (2015)

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  1. Planar Biomimetic Membranes Based on Amphiphilic Block Copolymer
    J. Kowal, X. Zhang, I. A. Dinu, C. G. Palivan and W. Meier, Macro. Lett. 3 59-63 (2014)

  2. Poly(N-vinylpyrrolidone)-Poly(dimethylsiloxane)-Based Polymersome Nanoreactors for Laccase-Catalyzed Biotransformations
    M. Spulber, P. Baumann, S. S. Saxer, U. Pieles, W. Meier and N. Bruns; Biomacromolecules 15 (4), pp 1469–1475 (2014)

  3. Functional surface engineering by nucleotide-modulated potassium channel insertion into polymer membranes attached to solid supports
    Kowal J. L., Kowal, J. K.; Wu, D.; Stahlberg, H.; Palivan, C. G.; Meier, W. Biomaterials 35, 7286-7294 (2014)

  4. A general strategy for creating self-defending surfaces for controlled drug production for long periods of time
    Langowska, K.; Kowal, J.; Palivan, C. G.; Meier, W.: . Journal of Materials Chemistry B (2014), DOI: 10.1039/c4tb00277f

  5. pH-Responsive PDMS-b-PDMAEMA Micelles for Intracellular Anticancer Drug Delivery
    A. Car, P. Baumann, J. T. Duskey, M. Chami, N. Bruns, and W. Meier: Biomacromolecules, 15 (9), 3235–3245 (2014)

  6. Polymeric 3D nano-architectures for transport and delivery of therapeutically relevant biomacromolecules
    G. Gunkel-Grabole , S. Sigg , M. Lomora , S. Lörcher , C. G. Palivan and W. P. Meier Biomatter Sci. 2014 DOI: 10.1039/c4bm00230j

  7. "Active surfaces" Formed by Immobilization of Enzymes on Solid Supported Polymer Membranes
    C. L. Draghici, J. Kowal, A. Darjan, W. Meier, C. Palivan, Langmuir (2014), DOI: 10.1021/la502841p

  8. Poly(N-isopropylacrylamide-co-tris-nitrilotriacetic acid acrylamide) for a Combined Study of Molecular Recognition and Spatial Constraints in Protein Binding and Interactions
    Lui J, Spulber M, Wu DL, Talom RM, Palivan CG, Meier W (2014): JACS 136 36 12607-12614

  9. Effect of Molecular Parameters on the Architecture and Membrane Properties of 3D Assemblies of Amphiphilic Copolymers
    Wu DL, Spulber M, Itel F, Chami M, Pfohl T, Palivan CG, Meier W. (2014): Macromolecules 47 15 5060-5069

  10. Molecular Organization and Dynamics in Polymersome Membranes: A Lateral Diffusion Study
    F. Itel, M. Chami, A. Najer, S. Lörcher, , D. Wu, I. A. Dinu and W. Meier: Macromolecules (2014) 47, 7588−7596 DOI: 10.1021/ma5015403

  11. Nanoreactors for Biomedical Applications
    F. Itel, I. A. Dinu, P. Tanner, O. Fischer, and C. G. Palivan; Chapter B6 in Handbook of Nanobiomedical Research (2014); publisher World Scientific Publishing Company; pp. 457-508; doi: 10.1142/9789814520652_0064

  12. Nanomimics of Host Cell Membranes Block Invasion and Expose Invasive Malaria Parasites
    A. Najer, D. Wu, A. Bieri, F. Brand, C. G. Palivan, H-P Beck and W. Meier ACS Nano (2014); DOI: 10.1021/nn5054206

  13. Polymer Vesicles
    A. I. Dinu, C. Edlinger, E. Konishcheva, C. G. Palivan and W. Meier: Encyclopedia of Polymeric Nanomaterials, p. 1-11, (2014), Springer.

  14. Polymeric Particulates for Subunit Vaccine Delivery
    T. Schuster, M. Nussbaumer, P. Baumann, N. Bruns, W. Meier and A. Car: Subunit Vaccine Delivery - Advances in Delivery Science and Technology 181-201 (2014)

  15. Multicompartment micelle-structured peptide nanoparticles: A new biocompatible gene- and drug-delivery tool
    D. de Bruyn Ouboter, T. Schuster, V. Shanker, M. Heim, W. Meier: Journal of Biomedical Materialresearch A (2014) 102A (4) 1155-1163

  16. Polymorphism control of an active pharmaceutical ingredient beneath calixarene-based Langmuir monolayers
    L. G. Tulli, N. Moridi, W. Wang, K. Helttunen, M. Neuburger, D. Vaknin, W. Meier, P. Shahgaldian: Chem. Commun, (2014) 50, 3938-3940

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  1. Fluorescence-Based Assay for the Optimization of the Activity of Artificial Transfer Hydrogenase within a Biocompatible Compartment   
    T. Heinisch, K. Langowska, P. Tanner, J. L. Reymond, W. Meier, T. R. Ward, ChemCatChem 5 (3) 720-723 (2013)

  2. Polymer nanocompartments in broad-spectrum medical applications    
    A. Najer, D. Wu, D. Vasquez, C. G. Palivan, W. Meier, Nanomedicine 8 (3) 425-447, (2013)

  3. Polymer nanoreactors shown to produce and release antibiotics locally
    K. Langowska, C. G. Palivan, W. Meier, Chem. Commun.,  49, 128-130 (2013)

  4. Biodegradable polymer–lipid monolayers as templates for calcium phosphate mineralization
    A. Jagoda, M. Zinn, E. Bieler, W. Meier, K. Kita-Tokarczyk; J. Mater. Chem. B, 1, 368-378 (2013)

  5. Multicompartment micelle-structured peptide nanoparticles: A new biocompatible gene- and drug-delivery tool
    D. de Bruyn Ouboter, T. Schuster, V. Shanker, M. Heim, W. Meier; J Biomed Mater Res Part A (2013)

  6. Polymer Vesicles on Surfaces
    A. Jagoda, J. Kowal, M. Delcea, C. G. Palivan, W. Meier; bookchapter in Biomaterials Surface Science Wiley-VCH Verlag GmbH & Co. KGaA, Weinheim, Germany (2013)

  7. Photoreaction of a Hydroxyalkyphenone with the Membrane of Polymersomes: A Versatile Method To Generate Semipermeable Nanoreactors M.
    Spulber, A. Najer, K. Winkelbach, O. Glaied, M. Waser, U. Pieles, W. Meier, N. Bruns; J. Am. Chem. Soc.135, 9204−9212 (2013)

  8. Printing Enzymes for Colorimetric Assays on Paper;
    S. S. Saxer, F. Wildi, W. Walser, O. Boss, R. Zimmer, , M. Spulber, W. Meier, P. Paul, N. Bruns, U. Pieles; SCS-FH Awards at the ILMAC, Chimia 67 648-657 (2013)

  9. synthetic nanomaterial for virus recognition produced by surface imprinting
    A. Cumbo, B. Lorber, P. F. X. Corvini, W. Meier and P. Shahgaldian, nature communications 4 1503 (2013)

  10. Gel-Assisted Formation of Giant Unilamellar Vesicles
    A. Weinberger, F. C. Tsai, G. H. Koenderik, T. H. Schmidt, R. Itri, W. Meier, T. Schmatko, A. Schröder, C. Marques, Biophysical Journal 105:1 154 (2013)

  11. Natural channel protein inserts and functions in a completely artificial, solid-supported bilayer membrane
    X. Zhang, W. Fu, C. G. Palivan and W. Meier Scientific Reports 3 2196 (2013)

  12. Self-assembled peptide beads used as a template for ordered gold nanoparticle superstructures
    D. de Bruyn Outboter, T. B. Schuster, S. J. Sigg and W. Meier Colloids and Surfaces B: Biointerfaces 112 542-547 (2013)

  13. Tuning the resistance of polycarbonate membranes by plasma-induced graft surface modification
    L. Baumann, D. Hegemann, D. de Courten, M. Wolf, R. M. Rossi, W. Meier and l. J. Scherer, Applied Surface Science 268 1 450-457 (2013)

  14. Water-Soluble Co(III) Complexes of Substituted Phenanthrolines with
    Cell Selective Anticancer Activity

    S. Jagadeesan, V. Balasubramanian, P. Baumann, M. Neuburger, D. Häussinger and C. G. Palivan, Inorganic Chemistry 53 12535−12544 (2013)

  15. Protein–Polymer Supramolecular Assemblies: A Key Combination for Multifunctionality
    C. Palivan, X. Zhang, W. Meier Chimnia 67, 791-795 (2013)

  16. Self-assembled Structures from Amphiphilic Peptides
    S. Sigg, T. Schuster, W. Meier Chimnia 67, 881-884 (2013)

  17. Light-responsive polymer nanoreactors: a source of reactive oxygen species on demand
    P. Baumann, V. Balasubramanian, O. Onaca-Fischer, A. Sienkiewicz and C.G. Palivan
    Nanoscale, 5, 217-224 (2013)

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  1. Protein-polymer nanoreactors for medical applications
    C. G. Palivan O. Fischer-Onaca M. Delcea F. Itel, W. Meier, Chemical Society Reviews 41(7), 2800, (2012)
  2. Effects of Silver Nanoparticles on Primary Mixed Neural Cell Cultures: Uptake, Oxidative Stress and Acute Calcium Responses
    A. Haase, S. Rott, A. Mantion, P. Graf, J. Plendl, A. F. Thünemann, W. P. Meier, A. Taubert, A. Luch, G. Reiser, Toxicological Sciences 126(2), 457, (2012)
  3. Probing Bioinspired Transport of Nanoparticles into Polymersomes
    K. Jaskiewicz, A. Larsen,I. Lieberwirth, K. Koynov, W. Meier, G. Fytas, A. Kroeger, K. Landfester, Angewandte Chemie 51(19), 4613, (2012)
  4. Highly Permeable and Selective Pore-Spanning Biomimetic Membrane Embedded with Aquaporin Z
    H. Wang, T.-S. Chung, Y. W. Tong, K. Jeyaseelan, A. Armugam, Z. Chen, M. Hong, W. Meier, Small 8(8), 1185, (2012)
  5. A novel type of silver nanoparticles and their advantages in toxicity testing in cell culture systems
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  6. Synthetic Biology, Inspired by Synthetic Chemistry
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  7. Mimicking the cell membrane with block copolymer membranes
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  13. Specific His(6)-tag Attachment to Metal-Functionalized Polymersomes Relies on Molecular Recognition
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  16. High-Density Reconstitution of Functional Water Channels into Vesicular and Planar Block Copolymer Membranes
    M. Kumar, J. E. O Habel, J. X. Shen, W. Meier, T. Walz, J. Am. Chem. Soc., 134 (45) 18631–18637 DOI: 10.1021/ja304721r (2012)

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