PhD Theses

CHAKRABORTY Arghya  |  2016
Electronic characterization of mass-selected acyclic, polycyclic and oxygenated hydrocarbons in neon matrices

CHAKRABARTY Satrajit  |  2013
Electronic spectroscopy of cold cations in a 22-pole trap by indirect methods

GUPTA Varun  |  2013
Electronic spectroscopy of transient molecules by mass-selected resonance enhanced multi-photon ionization

GARKUSHA Iryna  |  2012
Electronic spectroscopy of mass-selected protonated polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons in neon matrices

NAGY Adam  |  2012
Electronic spectroscopy of open-chain and aromatic hydrocarbon cations in neon matrices

RAGHUNANDAN Ranjini |  2011
Linear and nonlinear spectroscopic techniques applied to study of transient molecular species

RUDNEV Vitaly S.  |  2010
Electronic spectroscopy of cold ions in a radio-frequency trap

CHAUHAN Richa  |  2010
Development and application of laser methods for electronic spectroscopy of radicals

APETREI BÎRZĂ Cristina  |  2009
Characterization of metal-carbon containing species using a mass-selective multiphoton ionization technique

CHASOVSKIKH Egor A. |  2008
Electronic spectroscopy of metal terminated carbon chains

SHNITKO Ivan G.  |  2008
Absorption spectroscopy of carbon and sulfur chains in 6 K neon matrices

ACHKASOVA Elena  |  2007
Development and application of four-wave mixing and cavity ring-down technique for spectroscopic studies

DZHONSON Anatoly  |  2007
An apparatus for the measurement of the electronic spectra of cold ions in a radio-frequency trap

BATALOV Anton  |  2006
Absorption spectroscopy of mass-selected hydrocarbon and boron species in 6 K neon matrices

DENISOV Alexey  |  2006
Electronic spectroscopy of unsaturated hydrocarbons and sulfur-terminated carbon chains by cavity ringdown

BOGUSLAVSKIY Andrey E.  |  2006
Gas-phase electronic spectroscopy of highly unsaturated hydrocarbons by resonance enhanced multiphoton ionization

KHOROSHEV Dmitriy  |  2005
Electronic spectroscopy of carbon chain radicals using cw cavity ring down in conjunction with mass detection

BÎRZĂ Petre A.  |  2004
Development of a cw-cavity ring down spectrometer and electronic spectroscopy of transient species

CIAS Pawel |  2004
Electronic spectroscopy of transient species in plasma discharges