Curriculum vitae:

Thomas Angelo Kaden was born in Basel (Switzerland), but grew up in Lugano where he went to school up the bacalaureat. In 1958 he started his studies in chemistry at the University of Basel, where in 1965 he obtained his Ph,D. with Prof. S. Fallab. After several courses in theoretical chemistry (Prof. Hartmann, University of Frankfurt and Prof. Coulson, University of Oxford) he became1967 Privat Dozent (Assistant Professor). Between 1970 and 1971 he was a Research Associate with Prof. B. Vallee (Medical School, Harvard University, Boston USA) and studied the role of metal ions in metallo-enzymes. Back in Basel he was appointed 1975 Professor of Inorganic Chemistry.
He is Fellow of the Swiss Chemical Society, of the Royal Chemical Society and of the American Chemical Society and is or was active in the following institutions:
Member of the editorial board of "Helvetica Chimica Acta" (until 1999);
Member of the editorial board of "Journal of Supramolecular Chemistry";
President of Section II (Chemistry) of the Swiss Academy of Natural Sciences (1993-1999);
President of the Comité Suisse de Chimie (1992-1996);
Member of the Executive Committee of the New Swiss Chemical Society (1996-2000).
Member of the Research Council of the Swiss National Science Foundation (Division IV) (1994- ).
Swiss delegate for the actions COST-D1 (1987-1992) and COST-D8 (1991-1999).
Member of the Executive Committee of the Freiwillige Akademische Gesellschaft in Basel.