The XIAO is a japanese toy polaroid camera

What are the differences between the Xiao and the I-Zone ?

It has a built in electronic flash which is powered by one AA cell.
The construction is very simple, but after all this is a toy .
The lens is one plastic element that focuses to ca 80 cm, shutter time is fixed,
and the flash power is suitable for the range of focus.
Unfortunately the xiao is only sold in Asia.

It uses a special pocket film, which is half packfilm and half integral film.
The pictures are pulled out like in packfilm cameras but develop in ambient
light with no cover sheet to pull.

Picture size is very small, like a big post stamp.

The list price of xiao is 3300 Yen, with one film pack and battery.
Price of new film pack (with 12 cuts) is 1150 Yen.
Now, 1 US$ = 130 Yen.

Here is the user's manual in japanese. Page1 / Page2 (50 KB each)

(1) Please pull-out the film after each  photo taken. (Pull the film horizontally)

(2) Please confirm the distance at about 80 cm.

(3) This camera is suitable for  indoor close-up portraits.

I have experienced this camera.
The aperture of this camera is very small, the flash must always be used.

From the web site of TOMY (Toy maker in Japan), (http://www.tomy.co.jp/toyking/osirase/xiao/index.htm):

 The name 'Xiao' comes from the chinese word which means "small",
and also a Kanji character which means "smile" is also pronounced as "xiao". ..

 I am Japanese, and I can not suppose the meanings above before reading this description :-)
(Japanese language shares characters with Chinese language partly (which is called "Kanji"),
but the spoken language itself or pronounciation is different at all.)

 Translation and notes by Shinsaku Hiura, Kyoto, Japan