I am the electrical engineer in the J.P. Maier group..

I build and repair scientific instruments that are used to generate and investigate ions under conditions similar to those in outer space..

I also help the chemists to set up new experiments and help them to troubleshoot their equipment..

My work deals with a broad range of devices: High voltage and radio frequency generators, lasers, detectors and the instruments that process the measurements, including computers.

Some of the things we need cannot be bought, so I have to build them myself. This is the part of my work I like best, because I can build something from the first sketch to the final product.

I also do computer support and administer our web server.

trap controller, lower trap controller, upper

Some things I have built at work:

A RF generator that drives ion traps, -guides etc.

RF-generator III / 1 Amplitude 15 - 600 Vpp, Frequency 1 - 5 MHz

A 1300V 40A Pulse generator for discharge ion sources

A 1300V 1000A Pulse generator for a pulsed arc cluster ion source (PACIS)

Klick on picture for more details.

A computerized gas-mixer

We often need mixtures of a two or three different gases at a specific ratio. The gas mixer, which is controlled by a microcomputer fills a cylinder via pulsed solenoid valves up to a preset pressure.

A setup for FM-spectroscopy

A laser-beam is frequency-modulated by means of an electro-optical modulator
with a frequency of 190MHz resulting in two sidebands +/- 190MHz from the carrier.
After going through the probe the FM-signal is demodulated.
Electronics box: VCO, demodulator, RF-amp,Bias-T,Photodiode

This method gives a 50x improvement in signal to noise ratio compared to normal absorption spectroscopy.
It can be combined with production modulation to further improve sensitivity.

Schematic diagram of the FM-spectroscopy setup