January 2018

Nattapong is King!


April 2016

Crystal IS, supplier of deep-UV-LEDs, on their web-site discusses our use of their LEDs for detection in Capillary Electrophoresis.


February 2016

We are on the cover of Analytical Methods

Anal Methods cover

January 2015

Our Instrumentino article is currently the second most often downloaded article from the web-site of the journal Computer Physics Communications.


We are on again, Wiley's web-portal for analytical separation techniques.



Joel’s presentation about Instrumentino wins the prize for Best Oral Presentation in the Analytical Sciences session at the Fall Meeting 2014 of the Swiss Chemical Society (SCS).


April 2014

And again

Untitled copy

April 2013

We are on the cover of Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts

cover of EnvironSci


Featured Article in Analytica Chimica Acta.

The latest issue of Analytica Chimia Acta carries our publication on an automated capillary electrophoresis system with solid phase extraction for preconcentration as featured article. And, the last publication of the issue is also from our group.


Duc is King!

Duc is King


Ten most accessed Analyst Articles.

recent publication from our group is among the ten most accessed articles from the website of the journal The Analyst for the month of April. And guess what, it is not on contactless conductivity...


Contactless Conductivity Detector Commercially Available.

eDAQ ( is shipping a capacitively coupled contactless conductivity detector (C4D) which was developed in collaboration with our research group. This detector may be used in capillary electrophoresis as well as in ion-chromatography and HPLC. Because of its small size it can be retrofitted readily to existing instrumentation.


Habilitation in Analytischer Chemie an der Universität Basel.

Die Fakultätsversammlung stimmt heute der Habilitation von Dr. Maria A. Schwarz zu.

Frau Dr. Schwarz ist Mitglied des Departementes Chemie und tätig auf dem Gebiet der Kapillarelektrophorese.

Wir gratulieren recht herzlich!


New lecture courses in the Analytical and Bioanalytical Sciences on the MSc/PhD-level for the Spring Semester 2007 and the Autumn Semester 2007.

Two courses on applications of Analytical Sciences will be held jointly with the State Laboratory of the Canton Basel City.

"CSI Basel": The Institute for Forensic Medicine of the Canton Basel City will give a lecture course on "Analytical aspects of Forensic Chemistry and Toxicology" in the Autumn Semester 2007.

The first course on Bioanalytical Sciences has been successfully concluded and will be held again in the Autumn Semester 2007.


We are on, Wiley's web-portal for analytical separation techniques.


New MSc-level lecture course in the coming summer semester: "Applications of Analytical Sciences".


Huong is featured in the internal staff magazine "intern".


New lecture course in the coming winter semester: "Bioanalytical Sciences".


"Tag der Forschung" at the University of Basel.

Aiping discussing with Rémi her Marie-Heim Vögtlin Scholarship from the
Swiss National Science Foundation.