Invitations (since 2010)

[Aug 2019] Lecture, CECAM workshop, Liverpool, UK
[Jul 2019] Lecture, DFT 2019, Alicante, ES
[Apr 2019] Keynote lecture, BigMax meeting, MPI Dresden, D
[Mar 2019] ACS meeting, Orlando, Florida, USA
[Mar 2019] Presentation, 6th conference computational molecular science (CMS), University of Warwick, UK
[Feb 2019] Lecture, 1st International Symposium Materials Informatics, Tokyo, JP
[Dec 2018] Lecture, Helsinki Winterschool Theoretical Chemistry, Helsinki, FI
[Dec 2018] Seminar, Vienna Computational Materials Laboratory, Vienna, AU
[Nov 2018] MRS meeting, Boston, MA, USA
[Nov 2018] Seminar, Quantum Chemistry Lowdin lecture symposium, Uppsala University, SE
[Oct 2018] CECAM workshop, ''Frontiers in Molecular Dynamics: Machine Learning, Deep Learning and Coarse graining'', Tel-Aviv University, IL
[Oct 2018] Symposium ''Artificial Intelligence in Chemical Research'', Syngenta Research Center, Stein, CH
[Oct 2018] Workshop ''Machine Learning in Chemistry and Materials'', Telluride, Co, USA
[Sep 2018] CECAM workshop, ''Improving the accuracy of ab-initio predictions for materials'', Paris, F
[Sep 2018] CECAM workshop, ''Machine Learning in Scientific Computing'', Nierstein, D
[Sep 2018] Workshop, Samsung Future Tech Forum, Seoul, Republic of Korea
[Aug 2018] ACS Symposium, Boston, USA
[Aug 2018] CAMD summer school, Copenhagen, DK
[Jul 2018] Workshop ''multi-scale QM methods'', Telluride, Co, USA
[Jul 2018] Workshop ''many-body interactions'', Telluride, Co, USA
[Jul 2018] Summer school, Technical University Munich, Bavaria, D
[Jun 2018] IAQMS 16-ICQC satellite meeting ''Computational chemistry meets artificial intelligence'', EPFL, CH
[Jun 2018] Reunion ''Understanding Many-Particle Systems with Machine Learning'', Lake Arrowhead, UCLA, CA, USA
[May 2018] Kolloquium fuer Physikalische Chemie, Department of Chemistry, ETHZ, CH
[Apr 2018] Seminar, Bremen Center for Computational Materials Science, University of Bremen, D
[Apr 2018] Seminar, Department of Physical Chemistry, University of Chemistry and Technology, Prague, CZ
[Apr 2018] Workshop ''Material Digital'', Fraunhofer Institute, Freiburg, D
[Mar 2018] Keynote lecture at Symposium on ''Machine Learning for Catalysis Research'', ACS meeting, New Orleans, LA, USA
[Jan 2018] Alexander von Humboldt Workshop ''New Vistas in Molecular Thermodynamics: Experimentation, Molecular Modeling, and Inverse Design'', UC Berkeley, CA, USA
[Jan 2018] Swiss Nano Institute winterschool ''Nanoscience in the snow'', Muerren, CH
[Dec 2017] 2 workshops at NIPS Conference, CA, USA
[Dec 2017] International workshop on atomic physics, Max-Planck Institute for physics of complex systems, Dresden, D
[Nov 2017] Conference on ''Machine Learning and Molecules'', University of Copenhagen, Copenhagen, DK
[Nov 2017] Seminar, Chemistry department, Cambridge University, UK
[Sep 2017] Keynote lecture at NOMAD summer, Humboldt University, Berlin, D
[Sep 2017] CECAM workshop, Lausanne, CH
[Sep 2017] Mission Innovation, Mexico City, Mexico
[Aug 2017] Brazilian Summer School of Molecular Modeling, Universidade Federal Do ABC, Brazil
[Aug 2017] ACS symposium ''Extending accuracy and scales with emerging computing architectures and algorithms'', Washington DC, USA
[Jun 2017] NYU Summer School on ''Machine Learning in Computational Chemistry'', Computational Chemistry Center NYU Shanghai, China
[Jun 2017] Workshop on Recent Developments in Electronic Structure Theory, Princeton, USA
[Jun 2017] IMPRESS workshop, Helsinki, Finnland
[May 2017] Doctoral school on ''Machine Learning for Atomistic Simulation", Lucca, Italy
[Apr 2017] In COMP Session on ''Methods for Modeling Materials Chemistry'', ACS spring meeting, San Francisco, CA, USA
[Apr 2017] In CATL Session on ''Machine Learning Tools'', ACS spring meeting, San Francisco, CA, USA
[Mar 2017] RIKEN AICS workshop, Kobe, JP
[Mar 2017] Research center Juelich, Functional Nanostructures at Surfaces (PGI-3) group, Juelich, Germany
[Mar 2017] In Focus session on ''Computational Discovery and Design of Novel Materials'', APS meeting, New Orleans, LA, USA
[Mar 2017] Intel eSeminar
[Mar 2017] Global Pfizer Computational Chemistry Network Group eSeminar, WebEx
[Jan 2017] Symposium on ''Integrated Data Assimilation'', organized by cluster of excellence SimTech, University of Stuttgart, D
[Nov 2016] ''Understanding Many-Particle Systems with Machine Learning'', IPAM, UCLA, CA, USA
[Oct 2016] Workshop on ''AI for Scientific Progress: Bringing Digital Control to Physical Matter'', Foresight Institute, Palo Alto, CA, USA
[Sep 2016] Seminar for Yaron (Chemistry)/Widom (Physics)/Gordon (ML) groups, Carnegie Mellon University, Pittsburgh, PA, USA
[Sep 2016] ''Understanding Many-Particle Systems with Machine Learning: Machine Learning Meets Many-Particle Problems'', IPAM, UCLA, CA, USA
[Aug 2016] Theory and Applications of Computational Chemistry (TACC) conference, University of Washington, Seattle, WA, USA (cancelled)
[Aug 2016] International Summer School on Electronic Structure Theory and Materials Design, Technical University Denmark, Denmark (cancelled)
[Jul 2016] Workshop on "Many-Body Interactions: From Quantum Mechanics to Force Fields", Telluride, Co, USA (cancelled)
[Jun 2016] Symposium on "Data-Driven Computational Chemistry", 99th Canadian Society for Chemistry meeting, Halifax, NS, CA
[Mar 2016] Materials Research Society Spring Meeting, Phoenix, AZ, USA
[Mar 2016] Talk at Merck, Darmstadt, D
[Feb 2016] Symposium ``Computational Materials Discovery and Optimization: From 2D to Bulk Materials'', TMS-meeting, Nashville, TN, USA
[Feb 2016] Kolloquium speaker, Institut fuer Physikalische Chemie, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology, D
[Jan 2016] GDCh Vortrag, University of Kiel, D
[Dec 2015] CECAM workshop ``Big Data of Materials Science from First Principles -- Critical Next Steps'', Lausanne, CH
[Sep 2015] Psi-k conference, San Sebastian-Donostia, Spain
[Sep 2015] Annual User Meeting at Center of Nanophase Materials Science, Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN, USA
[Jul 2015] Summer School of Max-Planck-EPFL Center for Molecular Nanoscience & Technology, Schloss Ringberg, D
[Jul 2015] CECAM Workshop on ``Next generation quantum based molecular dynamics: challenges and perspectives'', University of Bremen, D
[May 2015] Workshop on ``Modeling Many-Body Interactions'', Garda lake, I (Cancelled)
[May 2015] CECAM workshop on ``From Many-Body Hamiltonians to Machine Learning and Back'', Berlin, D
[Mar 2015] APS-meeting, San Antonio, TX, USA (Cancelled)
[Feb 2015] Workshop on ``Machine Learning for Many-Particle Systems'', Institute of Pure and Applied Mathematics, UCLA, USA
[Feb 2015] Session chair, CECAM/Psi-k Research Conference: Frontiers of first-principles simulations: materials design and discovery, Harnack Haus, Fritz-Haber Institute, Berlin, D
[Feb 2015] Workshop on ``Opportunities in Materials Informatics'', University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA
[Jan 2015] Theory seminar speaker, ``Machine Learning Methods for the Sampling of Chemical Space from First Principles'', Scheffler Theory group, Fritz-Haber Institute, Berlin, D
[Jan 2015] Seminar speaker, Chemistry Department, Free University of Brussels, BE
[Dec 2014] Workshop on ``Machine Learning in materials'', Aalto University, Helsinki, FI
[Dec 2014] Soiree on ``Machine Learning for Atomistic Simulation'', Thomas-Young-Centre, London, UK
[Oct 2014] Workshop on ``Advancing Research through High-Performance Computing'', University of Pittsburgh, USA
[Oct 2014] WATOC 2014, Santiago de Chile, Chile
[Jul 2014] Seminar speaker, Chemistry Department, University of Madison, WI, USA
[Jun 2014] ``Enhancing DoD Collaborations in Computational Materials Science and Engineering'', Dayton, OH, USA
[Jun 2014] Theory seminar speaker, Max-Planck Institute for Polymer Research, Mainz, D
[Jan 2014] ``Woodward lecturer'', Chemistry Department, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA, USA
[Jan 2014] Seminar speaker, Thiel group, Max-Planck Institute for Carbon Research, Muehlheim, D
[Jun 2013] SIAM meeting, Philadelphia, USA
[Mar 2013] Hume-Rothery award session for Alex Zunger, TMS-meeting, San Antonio, Texas, USA
[Feb 2013] Seminar speaker, Marzari group, EPFL, Lausanne, CH
[Feb 2013] Swiss Association of Computational Chemists-meeting, University of Berne, Berne, CH
[Jan 2013] Brazilian Summer School of Molecular Modeling, Universidade Federal Do ABC, Brazil
[Nov 2012] Invited speaker at two symposia on ``Materials Informatics'' and ``Advanced Multiscale Materials Simulation: First steps towards inverse materials computation'', MRS-meeting, Boston, Massachusetts, USA
[Aug 2012] Workshop on ``Density-functional theory calculations for organic molecules with significant dispersion interactions'', organized by Army Research Office and University of Delaware, Delaware, USA
[Jul 2012] ``ISSP and CMRS workshop'' at symposium on computational materials science, Institute for Solid State Physics, University of Tokyo, JP
[Feb 2012] Theory seminar speaker, Scheffler Theory group, Fritz-Haber Institute, Berlin, D
[Jan 2012] Seminar speaker, Reiher group, Chemistry Department, ETH Zurich, CH
[Oct 2011] Seminar speaker, Tamar Seideman group, Northwestern University, Chicago, USA
[Aug 2011] Seminar speaker, Chemistry Department, University of Bern, CH
[Aug 2011] ``Designing Molecular Functionality: Challenges for Theoretical Approaches'' at 47th Symposium on Theoretical Chemistry (STC 2011), CH
[Aug 2011] Seminar speaker, Machine Learning Group, Technical University Berlin, D
[May 2011] ``Physical Frameworks for Sampling Chemical Compound Space'' workshop within long program on Navigating Chemical Compound Space for Materials and Bio Design at IPAM, UCLA, USA
[Dec 2010] Seminar speaker, ``Fachbereichskolloquium'', Physics faculty, Frankfurt University, D
[Nov 2010] ``Materials Discovery by Scale-Bridging High-Throughput Experimentation and Modelling'' at Interdisciplinary Centre for Advanced Materials Simulation and Materials Research Department, Bochum University, D