Samuel's PhD party, Jun 2017

After group lunch with visitor Philipp Leinen, Jun 2017

Werner Kuhn Seminar by Michele Parrinello, May 2017

Group outing to Wallis, May 2017

Xmas-market excursion, Dec 2016

Welcome party for Rafael and Bing, and farewell to Clyde (serious), Oct 2015

Welcome party for Rafael and Bing, and farewell to Clyde (less serious), Oct 2015

Secret group lunch, Jun 2015

Farewell party for Matthias, Apr 2015

Farewell dinner for Matthias, Apr 2015

Welcome lunch for Diana and Zhenwei, Jan 2015

Group gluhwein at Xmas-market (with visitor Stijn), Dec 2014

Klaus from TU Berlin came back to visit, Dec 2014

Felix joined and Wiktor visited, Nov 2014

Visitor Ursula Roethlisberger from EPFL, Oct 2014

Yasmine came back from UCL, Oct 2014

Group outing for Flammkuchen in France, Jun 2014

Visitor Keiji Morokuma from Kyoto and Emory University, May 2014

Visitor Tucker Carrington from Queen's University, Kingston, CA, May 2014

Visitor Alessandro de Vita from King's College London, Apr 2014

1 proposal and 2 papers submitted, these beers are well deserved. Nick from EPFL and Rox joined in as well. Mar 2014

Klaus from TU Berlin came to visit, Mar 2014

Yasmine from UCL has come to visit, Mar 2014

The newest addition to the group: Our 1TB memory node, Feb 2014

This is how it looks close-up: 4 sockets, each occupied with eight 32GB memory cards -> 32x32GB. Anybody needs some big Kernel matrices inverted?

Big steak sponsored by Alan Aspuru-Guzik in Boston, Jan 2014

Group gluhwein at Xmas-market, Dec 2013

Talk at Zurich.Minds, Dec 2013

Group lunch at "Zur Maegd", Nov 2013