Movie of the growth of a coulomb crystal in the quadrupole ion trap.

Each dot corresponds to a single Ca+ ion.

(See full version on Youtube)

Alignment of Lasers in the quadrupole trap using an Optical Fibre.

A view inside the vacuum chamber during laser alignment.

Electrical feedthrough for the Voltages applied to the ion trap.

Ion-trap experiment from right to left: Source chamber, Ionisation chamber, and Trap chamber.

Source and Ionisation chambers where the Molecular beam is formed

Panoramic view of our laser laboratory

Wide-angle photo of the ion-trap experiment

MINT - the Molecular-Ion Neutral hybrid Trap: inside view.

Schematic of the new MINT experiment (Molecular-Ion Neutral hybrid Trap)

Willitsch Lab Image Gallery

Our cover frontiers article with Chem. Phys. Lett. Read it here.

Simulation movie showing the interaction of a state selected molecular ion (blue) with a neutral molecule (orange), from our

cover frontiers article with Chem. Phys. Lett. Read it here.

Panoramic view of our laser laboratory

Movie of a simulated Coulomb crystal of 600 Ca+ ions (light blue) and 22 N2+ ions (dark blue)

Six-wire surface electrode trap in the vacuum chamber

Illustration of conformer-selected reactions

Our new Stark Decelerator

Dong’s Zeeman decelerator from Berlin

Memorable moments in the group

Matthias Germann’s PhD Defense

Arezoo’s PhD defense

Daniel’s PhD defense

Felix’s PhD defense

NCCR report cover: Our six-wire surface-electrode ion trap used for the first characterisation of cold molecular ions using a single-layer chip

Microfabricated multi-functional chip consisting of two surface-electrode ion-trap junctions

Wire bonding of surface electrodes and bottom of trenches to the PCB pads on the multi-functional chip

Ilia’s PhD defense