I created this homepage when I did my PhD in the group of Prof. Markus Meuwly at University of Basel in Switzerland. My main research interests lies in the theoretic analysis of biological phenomena. At Basel I work on both small molecules and proteins with molecular modelling and simulations. See my CV for more details.

I got my PhD at Augest 2011 and stay another half year in the Meuwly group as a postdoc. Starting from April 2012 I move to Baltimore, USA to work with Prof. Alex MacKerell at the school of pharmacy in the University of Maryland, Baltimore. I will be supported by a fellowship awarded by Swiss National Science Foundation, and focus on improve protein force field with NMR and pKa data.

My long-term scientific goal is to deliver better force fields and to combine them with novel statistic mechanics algorithms, in order to increase the explanatory and predictive power of MD simulation, and thus to expand its usage for example in rational drug design.