Curriculum Vitae



Name:                  Hólmfríður Berglind Þorsteinsdóttir

Place of birth:    21. June 1974, Reykjavik, Iceland






2009 – today  University of Basel, Switzerland,

Post-Doc in Computational and Systems Biology, Biozentrum

2003 - 2008    University of Basel, Switzerland

PhD in Bioinformatics, Computational and Systems Biology,
Biozentrum and Swiss Institute of Bioinformatics

Thesis title:  Computational Analysis of Protein-Ligand Binding: From
single continuous trajectories to multiple parallel simulations

Supervisors:  Prof. Torsten Schwede and Prof. Markus Meuwly

2000 – 2001    University of Glasgow, Scotland

M.Sc in Bioinformatics, Institute of Biomedical and Life Sciences

Masters project:  Sequence motifs and patterns, work performed at
DeCODE genetics, Reykjavik, Iceland

1993 - 1997     University of Iceland

B.Sc in Biochemistry, Faculty of Physical Sciences

Final year project:  Apoptosis in various cell types, work performed at
the Icelandic Cancer Society


Work experience


2001-2003       DeCODE genetics, Iceland

Developed a database to hold protocols and information on microarray experiments and data.

1999-2000       DeCODE genetics, Iceland

Established a pipeline for Affymetrix experiments and analysis

1997-1999       Lund University, Sweden

Design and construction of combinatorial antibody libraries

1996-1997       Institute for Experimental Pathology, Iceland

Determination and selection of antigenic variants in the maedi-visna

1996                Faculty of Odontology, University of Iceland

Quantification of acid, fluoride, calcium and phosphate in beverages.

1995                Lyckeby Stärkelseförädling, Sweden

IAESTE summer student in Kristianstad Sweden.




·         Thorsteinsdottir HB, Podvinec M, Arnold K, Meuwly M and Schwede T.  Application of GRID computing to molecular modeling of protein-ligand interactions using MM-GBSA. Manuscript in preparation.

·         Thorsteinsdottir HB, Schwede T, Zoete V and Meuwly M.  How inaccuracies in protein structure models affect estimates of protein-ligand interactions: Computational analysis of HIV-I protease inhibitor binding.  Proteins 2006; 65:407-23

·         Andresdottir V, Skraban R, Matthiasdottir S, Lutley R, Agnarsdottir G, and Thorsteinsdottir H.  Selection of antigenic variants in maedi-visna virus infections.  Journal of General Virology 2002; 83:2543-2551.

·         Agnarsdottir G, Thorsteinsdottir HB, Oskarsson T, Mattiasdottir S, Haflidadottir BS, Andresson OS and Andresdottir V.  The Long Terminal Repeat is a Determinant of Cell Tropism of Maedi-Visna Virus. Journal of General Virology 2000;81:1901– 1905.

·         Ohlin M, Jirholt P, Thorsteinsdottir H, and Borrebaeck CA.  Understanding Human Immunoglobulin Repertoires in vivo and Evolving Specificities in vitro.  In:The Anibodies 1999, Volume 6, eds M. Zanetti and J.D. Carpa.  Harwood Academic Publishers.

·         Ohlin M, Jirholt P, Thorsteinsdottir HB, Söderlind E and Borrebaeck CAK.  Targeting CDR in synthetic antibody design.  In: Antibody Engineering.  New technology, Application and Commercialisation 1998.  IBC UK Conferences, Inc.

·         Gudmundsson K, Holbrook WP, Thorsteinsdottir H.  Acid, fluoride, calcium and phosphate in beverages.  Journal of Dental Research 1998;77: 1340-1340

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